I love being controlled, it is my purpose.....keep me dripping and edging as long as you desire

Can't stop cumming when you edge?

Like any good fucktoy you love edging, but when you start it is difficult to stop yourself from cumming like a selfish slut.  Sure sluts are fun, Men love sluts, but sluts are only interested in cocks because cocks please them.  Sluts are selfish, and that’s one of the reasons most women don’t have what it takes to become a fucktoy.

But you don’t want to be just another slut do you, you want to be different, you want to be better, you want to become a fucktoy.

Fucktoys aren’t selfish, fucktoys want cocks but they want them because they want to please Men. Fucktoys know that’s why they exist, to give pleasure to others, and to be used by others, not to give pleasure to themselves.  Your pleasure comes from serving.

It’s not easy though, but edging is vital for any fucktoy, as you need to keep your fuckhole wet and desperate, and you brain muddled and thinking of nothing but cocks. 

So what’s the answer to edging without cumming?  

The answer is to give yourself some motivation.

So pick something you want to save up for.  A new princess plug, a new dress, or a new pair of shoes.  And everyday that you successfully edge without cumming, put a £1 in a jar.  For everyday you cum take a £1 out of the jar.

The sooner you learn to be a good fucktoy, the sooner you get your new shoes.

But you won’t just be getting some new shoes, you’ll be getting a new you.  It takes, on average 66 days for new behaviour to become automatic.  So by training yourself to not cum, not cumming when you edge will have become habit, your new normal behaviour.

You’ve now improved yourself.  You’ve gone from being a selfish slut who seeks her own pleasure and orgasms, to a fucktoy who seeks only to use her body to please others.  Being wet and desperate and horny and being unable to think of anything other than cocks has not become your default setting. 

As an added bonus, you’ve also saved your future owner the time and trouble of having to train you this way when you find Him, which means He can move on more quickly to His own personal bespoke training.

I like being a fucktoy.  My purpose is to please

i know sometimes he likes seeing what he has given me

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